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LF Livingbridge UK Micro Cap Fund features in FE Trustnet's article 'Five timeless small-cap funds boasting big returns'

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In his FE Trustnet article, Darius McDermott picks out five small-cap funds which can potentially offer an advantage in the market and high returns

(Please note Livingbridge Equity Funds has been renamed Gresham House Equity Funds following the sale in November, click here for more information.)

Darius says of the LF Livingbridge UK Micro Cap Fund:

"As the name suggests, the fund will only hold companies which are at the very end of the market cap spectrum – at less than £250m in size at initial investment – and will hold these for between three and five years.

These companies are chosen based on a number of factors; [Fund Manager] Ken wants to hold firms which can grow quickly, but stably. Ideally he looks to invest in companies which can double in size within five years, and which are run by sensible management teams with long-term time horizons. The manager also looks for any companies which could get targeted with a takeover bid.

Ken is unafraid to hold significant positions in companies that he believes in. For instance, his largest holding Impax Asset Management accounts for 4.79 per cent% of the overall portfolio. In total, the portfolio consists of 46 holdings."


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