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Portfolio Adviser features Ken Wotton and Brendan Gulston as micro-cap specialists

Gresham House

Portfolio Adviser describes Fund Managers Ken Wotton and Brendan Gulston as micro-cap experts with a wide network of contacts who are in the right place to collect critical information on potential investee businesses. 

Portfolio Adviser's Sebastian Cheek comments that at a time when the micro-cap market in the UK is facing uncertainty due to Brexit, the duo's extensive private equity background helps them to generate and scrutinise businesses for the LF Gresham House Micro Cap Fund.

The profile notes that both the LF Gresham House Micro Cap Fund and the LF Gresham House UK Multi Cap Fund have consistently delivered top and second quartile performance in their respective sectors. 


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Commenting on the Fund's private equity background, Brendan gives the example of a recent investment in Diaceutics, a data analysis company for pharma businesses. The duo were able to use their private equity network to undertake a thorough investigation to get an independent and granular view on aspects of the investment case. 

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