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10-Year Anniversary
Review and Outlook:
UK Micro Cap Fund


Ken Anniverary Video2

To celebrate the fund's anniversary, Ken Wotton and Brendan Gulston explain what they have learned over the last 10 years and what trends they foresee for the coming decade.

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We seek out quality businesses with high-performing management teams, only investing in those companies we really believe in. Through our smaller company focus and long-term investment horizon, our actively managed funds deliver high conviction portfolios with low correlation to competitors. This fundamentals-driven approach, combined with a rigorous investment process, aims to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.


+ LF Gresham House UK Micro Cap Fund

+ LF Gresham House UK Multi Cap Income Fund

 Confidence and conviction in UK smaller companies

In this half year update and outlook for the UK Micro Cap and UK Multi Cap Income Funds, the team explain their focus, process and why they believe the high-conviction portfolios are positioned to provide resilience in current market conditions as well as drive returns for investors.